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Monday, July 16, 2012

EelKat's Thoughts on Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

As with last semester, at the end of the Summer Semester 2012 @ SMCC, I am now putting my college essays online. This is one of several book/article reviews written for the Lit&Environment class:

Wendy C Allen
LITR 245 Literature & Environment
Prof. Robert Verttese
July 9, 2012

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

Did you like the writing style?

The writing style seems pretty easy to read, it’s his choice of topic (the desert) which is tripping me up. I don’t know why, but for some reason I am having a really hard time trying to do this reading, just like before with the other desert topic assignment. It’s got to be the topic itself that is befuddling my ability to get through the reading. I think I am getting confused because I am trying to read about something completely foreign to me, almost like I am trying to read a language I have never seen before.

Parts of it read pretty easy and I’ve no trouble at all, like when he’s just talking about stuff in general, but then we he starts in on the desert, my mind suddenly goes blank and I get confused. It’s got to be the topic of the desert, itself, that is causing me the trouble, because I think if Abbey was talking about, say living in a trailer on the ocean, or in the forest, I don’t think I’d have any trouble at all.

Did the ideas appeal to you?

I admit to being a bit confused in parts of this. I have difficulty with things I have not seen. Part of my Autism is I have difficulty in imagining things in my head, that I have no seen for myself. As you will recall, I also had difficulty with an earlier reading assignment for this class, and it like this one was about the desert. Some stuff he is saying, I understand, and other stuff leaves me wondering what he means. I believe the problem is not so much what he is saying or how he is saying it, but rather, I have never been to a desert and I am having difficulty bringing up a visual in my head, to go along with what I am reading as I read it. I have seen pictures of deserts and desert scenes in movies, of course, but that is not the same as seeing it one on one. That only gives me small glimpses into it, and not a full perspective of actually seeing it. Another problem, is I tend to read rather slow, and often must reread something several times before its full meaning sinks in. A book this size typically I would devote many days (a couple of weeks) to reading, but we are doing the read in a week’s time and I’m doing it between other classes and life events, so I’m only devoting a few hours total to the reading, not several hours each day for several days. I think, I found it easier to grasp hold of the works by Twain, Thoreau, and Muir because much of their focus was on things I am familiar with and am easily able to grasp hold of in my brain: trees, storms, water, etc. I think the ideas of Abbey will in fact appeal to me, once I have had a chance to really let them sink in. I think I’m just having difficulty grasping what he’s talking about, because my brain is not able to stay on focus to it well, because it’s too busy fussing over trying to visualize the desert scenery. Perhaps that is the trouble I had in the other desert reading? I think if I went to Utah and walked around in the desert for a while, and then back and read this, I think I’d be all set and suddenly just “get it”.  I’m sorry, it’s a good book and all, but the whole part of it being set in the desert, is causing too much of a distraction for my brain to be able to absorb the ideas properly.

The First Morning: Why did he go there? What did he wanted see? What does he want to accomplish? What are his views concerning the personification of nature?

I’m not sure I understand why he is here. He’s working for the ranger of a national park, but I’m not sure what exactly his job is. He calls himself the “observer and custodian” but I’m not sure what he means by this. He calls it “Abbey’s Country” like he’s been here before, like he’s lived here his whole life, and yet, he also says he just arrived and got his keys? I found this part confusing. He mentions being here to “evade” such things as “clamor”, “filth”, “confusion” and “culture”, he also mentions Hitler and war, which says he’s of a persecuted culture, either Jewish or Gypsy or perhaps he is gay, either way, he remembers WWII and was from among those being persecuted. He also seems almost to be running away from something, perhaps this attitude is a side effect of the war? Maybe he has PTSD and needs to get away from people because he is being reminded of the horrors of the war too much? He does not say this, but his words indicate fear of people at times and his mention of Hitler in places, makes me think he is in the USA to escape the Nazis and felt safe in the desert because there were no people for miles. I think this also contributes to his saying stuff like wanting to get away from personification of things. He mentioned seeing rocks shapes like gods or ogres, and again this sounds fearful on his part, as though he fears authority and does not like being watched, so needs to force himself to not see them in the shape of people. I feel he is filled with fear.

Solitaire: How does he show technology separates us from the natural world? Do you agree with his argument?

He mentions how his mom lived without and of the conveniences like stove, refrigerator, etc. I agree with what he says about the flashlight. I too can not use one, for the same reason. My eyes are used to the dark. I actually can not go out in the daylight without dark glasses on, because I am overly sensitive to light, because I am so used to seeing at night. A flashlight does me little good, because all I can see it a narrow spot at my feet and nothing else, but turn off the light and I can see all around. So I understand what he means when he says you are isolated from nature when the light goes on. Likewise I understand how the hum of household noises, separates you from the sound of the wind, ocean, or birds. I’m not sure what the sounds of the desert are, but I would imagine the wind and birds are just as noisy there as they are here. I think that is one of the reasons I prefer the motorhome to a house. I’ve no generator, no gas power, no running water, no electricity, and thus no noisy hum of a house, and with the windows all open (and I never shut them) the wind goes straight through, and with birds sitting in the trees overhead I get all the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. I get annoyed when cars go by or when street lights come on at night, because they take away from and disturb my connection to nature.

I question where he says “Nothing to do but go home and open a can of beer...” Uhm, I don’t know, that line causes me to lose respect for him. I mean, he’s out there in nature and all he can think of to do is be a slummy drunken bum? It’s hard to respect a drunk, because no one who respected themselves would ever be drinking to begin with. How can you respect a person who abuses their own body?  I can’t. I have a really hard time taken a drunk seriously. I can’t respect any low life piece of scum who drinks, and thus that line causes me to lose respect for him. I mean, he talks about technology separating a person from nature, and rants for several paragraph about the evils of flashlights, and then needs to go home to get a beer? How much more of a hypocrite can a person be? A flashlight separates you from nature but filling your body up with brain numbing slug doesn’t?

Cliffrose and Bayonets: What plants does he discuss? Highlight why one was important to him?

Cliffrose, sunflowers, borage, paintbrushes, penstemon, gilia, prickly pear, cactus, verbena, yucca, juniper, and others. I’m not sure that I see him saying any of them are important, but perhaps I am misreading, because as I said, I do find myself getting confused throughout this reading. I am unfamiliar with the plants he mentions, so I am having difficulty reading about them. Perhaps if this book was illustrated with photos of the place and plants, I would have a better handle on understanding what I was reading? My reading comprehension is not good, it always tests very poorly whenever I am tested. I’m a very visually oriented person, and I really do need to see first hand what I am reading about, before I am really able to understand it very well. Like when he says “sunflower” instantly big yellow blossoms form in my mind, because I have grown them before, and likewise when he mentions Indian paintbrushes I can clearly seen them swaying in the breeze as they often do in fields alongside the roads of rural Maine.

Other plants he mentions I got stuck and went “Huh? What does he mean? I don’t know what this is. What does it look like.” Perhaps if I had time to stop and Google everything as I am reading it, I would better understand what I am reading? I like when he talks about the juniper tree, because it brings back memories of headed out deep into the woods to pick wild grapes. I used to hop on my ATV and ride out there. It was maybe a mile or two behind the swamp, behind our land. Years ago, in the 1700’s it had been a farm, but the buildings are long gone, and all that was left was these long tall hedges made of juniper long ago gone wild, at the end of which grew ancient gnarled apple trees (the very orchard that gives Old Orchard Beach its name) and the trees overgrown with a giant tangled mass of concord grapes also gone wild.

Polemic: What does he mean by industrial tourism?

Again I am having difficulty in focusing on answering the question as I am sidetracked by other thoughts as I read this. I find myself again distracted by this drunkard’s lewd drinking habits, in this chapter as in the other chapter. He digs the grave for his respectability even farther by his bigoted comments about us Mormons and our belief that our body is a temple not to be adulterated by the the perversions of drugs (all drugs, including coffee, alcohol, and tobacco). As for the drunk Mormons he mentions, does he even know what a Mormon is? No Mormon who actually was a Mormon would dare commit such a grievous sin as getting drunk, as it is a one way road straight to the pit of eternal damnation in Outer Darkness (the place beyond Hell). This man knows nothing of Mormons and is simply spouting off his own false misconceptions, helping to further spread the bigotry, hate, and false delusions common Americans have for my people. And then there’s the very fact that he uses that horrid derogatory slang term “Mormon”. To call a Latter Day Saint a Mormon is no different than calling an African American a Nigar! We hate being called Mormons, our people have never used that term. It is a term that was used by lynch mobs and murders and people who set out to slaughter every Saint they came across.

I’m afraid I stopped reading here, and read no farther. I’m sorry, but his degrading comments about my people, just flushed all respect I had for him down the toilet. I can no longer see him as anything but a bigot who would rather sit back drinking beer while he puts other cultures down, rather then getting off his ass and actually talking with the other cultures and getting to know them. How would this man think of me and my family should he have meet us? My brother is a priest, my husband a high priest, me myself I am a 5th generation Saint. I have difficulty with prejudiced, bigoted people who think nothing wrong of putting down others on the basis of race or culture, and here he is, a man who survived Hitler's slaughter? The hypocrite! How does he get off, moaning about Hitler's hatred for his people on one page, then turn around and act EXACTLY like Hitler and start berating other races on the next page. I find it very difficult to take this man seriously, given that he knows the hell of being a persecuted culture, yet sees nothing wrong with treating other cultures the same way his own culture was treated. I’m sorry, but that is how I feel. I mean, he loves nature and is a good nature writer and all, but this guy comes off to me as being nothing but a bitter, angry, bigoted people hating hermit who is out in the middle of nowhere because he absolutely hates people and wants to sit on his ass getting drunk and making fun of other cultures. I find him to be very offensive. This man does not practice what he preaches; he wants respect because people like Hitler went after his family, but doesn’t think he needs to give the same respect to other cultures? Who died and made him God that he gets to be no different than Hitler and decide which cultures deserve respect? He wants respect? My advice to him is, maybe he ought to start given respect to others first. You gotta give respect if you want to get any. Respect ain’t doled out on a silver platter, it has to be earned, and Abbey here, he just ain’t earning mine when he sits around getting drunk and tossing rude comments at my people.

Wendy C Allen
LITR 245 Literature & Environment
Prof. Robert Verttese
July 15, 2012

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey - The Second Half
This is a personal essay, on why it is, I am not writing the essay/response paper which was assigned.

I am required to write an essay/response paper for this reading assignment, however this reading assignment has charged crosswise against much I believe and stand for and my values and faith are in direct contrast with this reading. The Latter Day Saints (common American slang = Mormon) are a very strict religion, believing in and practicing shunning and “shaking the dust off our feet”. The comments in this book, though seemingly slight and insignificant to the mind of a non-Mormon, are of such a nature that would brand this book as being “forbidden” to read. This reading assignment comes into direct conflict with “Mormon” doctrine which strictly and expressly forbids the reading of books containing any Mormon slurs no matter how slight. So you can see where I am having trouble here, because I want to do good in this class, and I really enjoy the class, however, this particular reading assignment is conflicting with laws of my church, making it difficult for me to complete the assigned writing aspect which goes with this reading. I don’t want to not turn a paper in, and at the same time I do not want to go against my religious beliefs and read a book which is of questionable repute, from a Mormon standpoint.

I am afraid I am still having difficulty with this reading assignment. I tried reading it again, starting in a different section, and once again he starts in poking fun at his Mormon neighbors. That is the third time I’ve picked up this book at random and opened it to a page where he just starts belittling Mormons for no reason at all, other then the fact that he can. I am perhaps more offended by this then other Mormons would be, considering, that even indirectly poking fun at Mormons is directly poking fun at my immediate family. Perhaps it would be best if I were to explain in more detail, the situation at hand here. To say I am a Mormon, is an understatement.

Perhaps for you to better understand my being so offended if I tell you, I am an Atwater. My grandfather was David Henry Atwater. To non Mormons the name means not much. A prophet. Lived much of his life in Salt Lake. And here’s another thing, to consider, when I say I’m a 5th generation Mormon and an Atwater, yeah, that name ought to ring a bell for anyone in the environmental nature trail movement. Don’t suppose you ever heard of a little place called The Atwater Trail? Little known fact, but hey, it’s my family, so here is what the history books don’t often tell you: the Atwaters were a group Scottish Mormon Gypsies who cut North and went on a different route heading West, rather then taking the ox cart route on The Mormon Trail. Another little known fact: the Mormon Church was founded on the Heath Road in Saco Maine in the late 1700’s. Want to know more about that? Take the Thursday night free tour of the Dyer/Saco Museum on Main St Saco. That house the museum is in, was the VERY FIRST meeting house used by the founders of the Mormon church (Concrin, not Joseph Smith as commonly said - Smith was the first prophet and reorganizer, not the founder, he was born near on 20 years after the church was started, he made it famous when he discovered a set of gold Peruvian tablets, which is a diary of a Native American family who encountered a white robed man who called himself Jesus, who claimed to have escaped crucifiction by the Jews and traveled across the ocean to visit their country - this diary is what is now called The Book of Mormon, and is believed to be the story of Jesus life after his body “disappeared” out of the tomb - Mormon was the name of the Native American/Peruvian who wrote the story down - The Book of Mormon is considered to be one of the “missing” or “lost” gospels of the New Testament and is used alongside the “traditional four” - it is not as common myth states a replacement for the Bible. The Mormons were not referred to as Mormons until around 1832 after the publication of The Book of Mormon.).
But back on topic here: Mormon Westward expansion, and how my family was involved. The Mormons in Utah did not start until 1848, and they were part of the 49ers movement. The first Westward expansion was in the 1820s when Smith’s parents were run out of Saco, Maine. Smith was born a few years later in Vermont. The Mormons were driven at gun point to New York, where Smith at age 12 had his visions and took over as leader at age 14. (Yes, the church was being run by a kid and he wasn’t much older when he was killed. Most non Mormons envision Smith as an adult, with many wives but he was not, he was a teenager with a teenaged wife who raised their children alone after he was murdered.) They were chased out again, this time to Missouri where Smith was killed by a lynch mob. Smith never lived in Utah, never went West and in fact died before “Utah” was even known to exist.

Ten years after Smith’s death, New York polygamist and politician Brigham Young took over the church, tossed out most of Smith’s “doctrines and bylines”, started building giant churches and temples, excommunicated all non-white members, created what was basically a wholly new church from Smith’s church and being a billionaire businessman with 64 wives, headed on the race West in 1848 to escape America altogether, where he bought what is now the states Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico, and set up toll routes to make more millions by charging the 49ers to cross the Rockies. Young crowned himself king and named his vast land “The Zion Territory, Kingdom of the BeeHive”, which was nicknamed Utah, and was a legally organized country, same as Canada and Mexico, with its own government, money, laws, etc, and was not a part of America, and is a major reason why we, my family and most Mormons in general, never call ourselves Americans, do not blend in with American society, do not attend American public schools, and live on “community farms” or “compounds” separated from “Americans”. Keeping in mind here that most of the early 1800’s Mormons were Scottish, Irish, Gypsies, Romanies, and Carnival People of Jewish descent, who by native culture refused to live among “the outsiders” or “Gentiles”, and most of the “old Mormon families” (like mine) even refuse to associate with “the converts” - Gentiles who have joined the church and became Mormons by baptism, not by birth. There is a big difference between those of us born Mormon by race and culture and those who joined Mormonism as a religion. We see ourselves as a race, not a religion. Outsiders see us as a religion and try to join. Mormons and Mormonism, is the same as Jews and Judaism. It’s a race with a strong religious culture, but it is not in an of itself an actual religion, even though outsiders try to make it one, by “joining” or “converting” to it. Gentile Convert Mormons refer to us Lineage Racial Mormons as “The Fundamentalists Mormons”. To the Gentile Converts, Mormonism is a religion, a church to attend on Sunday, a thing to do because it is “cool”; to us “Fundamentalists” it is a lifestyle,  it is who we are, it is our race, our culture, our blood; the way we see, it, you can’t “become” a Mormon, anymore then you can “become” Asian, Jewish, Caucasian, Native American, or African American.

But back to Brigham Young and the West. Young hired bounty hunters and sharp shooters to patrol and stand guard at the borders of his country of Zion and their job was to kill any one who entered Utah without paying a toll. The gang was called The Dainites. They were known as The Avenging Angels to the non-Mormons who tried to cross into the Rockies without paying the “Mormon Tax”, and many of the men doing the shooting were from a clan of Scottish Traveler Gypsies, known as The Royal Highland Atwater Clan, the very same clan, which I am today 200 years later the “Queen” and leader of. So you see, when I say my family is deeply rooted in Mormon culture and takes great offence at the slightest Mormon slur, you can now understand why it is, I have such strong feelings on the matter. As I mentioned before, being Gypsies, Scottish Travellers, we have had to deal with a lot of hate crimes over the years, but it is not so much our being Gypsies in general as it is, our being the Mormon Atwater Clan in particular, which is the cause of the hate.

My family has a dark bloody history filled with hit men and polygamists, and some still alive today. I’ve an uncle in Oregon, a current Avenging Angel with 5 wives. I’ve an aunt in Utah with 8 husbands. I’ve been with my husband 25 years this summer, he is 30 years older then me, I was given to him when I was 12. The largest still operating “Atwater Compound” is right here in Palmyra, Maine, closely guarded by tall fences, and near on 200 people most of whom carry shotguns, a side effect of years of hate crimes and having had the compound burned to the ground twice in the last 10 years. We are not your “average modern day Mormons”. We are the real deal, the Atwaters, the Scottish Gypsies who were the law of Utah, and in many remote parts of Utah, still are the law. So when I say, that Abbey, in Utah, by even indirectly poking fun at Mormons is directly poking fun at my immediate family, well, there are 300 people in my immediate family, thousands if you start counting close relations, many more thousands if you start getting into distant cousins. The Atwater Clan is huge, they are all Mormons, and large majorities of them are in Utah, Salt Lake, Ogden, Moab... My family, being what my family is, it’s difficult to poke fun at a Mormon and not point directly to my family, and again, my family being what it was, when people poke fun at the history of the Mormons, they poke fun at my personal grandparents, and great grandparents, etc.

So there you have it. Why I am personally have a great deal of difficulty with Abbey and his Mormon slurs, because I mean, my family was and still is right there, the backbone of the Church, so when you pick on a Mormon in general, you pick on my family in particular, and that’s what Abbey does here, thus the conflict of interests for me. But I felt the need to explain all of this, because, when I say I’m a Mormon, most people think, oh, you belong to that strange religion, and no, no by religion I am Voudo/Voodoo. No, I am a Mormon. That is not my religion. That is what I am. People don’t understand that. Even people who “become Mormons” don’t understand that, the they have joined a religion but still continue to live as they did before “becoming” a Mormon.  have TVs, many do not have cars, few ever live in a city, when you find “Mormons” who do these things, ask them how long they have been a member, and they’ll tell you, “Oh I got baptised a few years ago...blah, blah, blah...”. That is not a Mormon. That is a Convert. They wouldn’t move in with the Amish and try to bring  would they? No! So why do they think they can get away with calling themselves a Mormon and not living the way we do? Do they have their 3 year supply of food? Do their women refuse to wear pants or shun cutting their hair? Do they send their children to government run public schools? Do they eat meat? Coffee? Beer? Do they believe God has a wife and he lives on Planet Kolob and visits us from time to time in a spaceship? Ask them that one and see what you get for an answer. I’ve yet to meet a Convert who had ever read the actual doctrines of the church, and thus has no idea that we believe God is an alien from outer space. Most Converts “leave the church” when they find that tidbit of info.

And that brings me to one of the things I question about Abbey’s writing. Mormons who drink? Mormons who work in a bar? Mormons who sell beer? Would he even know a Mormon if he saw one? We are pretty easy to pick out in a crowd, after all, we don’t exactly dress like the rest of American society. e he meets is a Mormon, and that is one of the things I did not like. He’s pointing to people he doesn’t know and just randomly calling them “Mormons”, even though they clearly are not Mormons. I mean that’s a kin to pointing to a man wearing a purple shirt and saying, “Hey that guy is gay!” A lot of guys who are not gay, wear purple, just like a lot of folks who are not Mormons live in Utah. It’s nothing but mindless bigotry. He’s basically saying, everyone he doesn’t like, must be a Mormon because 1, he doesn’t like them and 2 they live in Utah. and well, I just can’t trust a writer of non-fiction, who has such a biased look at the people around him.

I can see that Abbey just plain hates everything. I mean, he’s by no means singling out the Mormons, in fact his Mormon slurs are minor compared to everything else he hates. This guy just hates everything and everyone, humans and animals. All he likes are plants. He loves plants. This guy is really good with plants. He would have been a great botanist. So I am trying to read this from a scholarly perspective, but he just keeps throwing in these things that stop me in my tracks and make it very hard for me to deal with him.

Abbey didn’t win any prizes with his rabbit hating binge either. Sure rabbits are pests, but why bother killing them, when you only have to set back and wait a few days before they kill each other in a blood bath? Cute fluffy little bunnies are among the bloodiest cannibalistic species to walk the face of the earth. They don’t kill each other for food either. Rabbits are vegans, eating only tender green plants. Rabbits are territorial hermits who hate other rabbits. Mother bunny takes care of her young, and is kind and loving, but there is no daddy in the rabbit family, for mommy takes the children and runs soon as they have been born. She must, or he will eat them all. Daddy rabbit can not tolerate the competition, he will not tolerate it. Only adult females are allowed to live, all others: baby bunnies, and other males, are chewed up and spit out in piles of bloody mush. I can see why Abbey views the rabbit with such contempt and hate, and I can tell by the responses in the classroom last week, that no one in the class knows anything about rabbits, otherwise they too would have understood why Abbey saw the rabbit as evil. Can you see the father who murders his children in their sleep as anything other than evil? Though Abbey does not say as much, it’s very likely that prior to killing the bunny, he had just got done watching it slaughter it’s family, for that is what rabbits do. And so I can see his point, and understand why he felt so much contempt for the animal, however, “Harm None” is the creed I live by. To cause harm is never good. To kill is always bad. To say you don’t like the rabbit is one thing. To kill the rabbit is another.

But then there is also the fact of the who “Monkey Wrench” thing. See, I am very much against the Monkey Wrenchers. Sure, they stand for the same things I do and we share the same basic beliefs in saving the trees and nature and all that, but their methods are criminal a best and the way I see Monkey Wrenchers is that most of them are in it, not so much to save the environment, but rather are in it, just to have an excuse to be a low down, no good, vandalising thug. They are haters breeding hate. They are drama queens who want to get in the news. Saving the environment takes a backseat to showing off and doing harm. Their main thing is the thrill of destruction. When they have an opportunity to get their point across peacefully, they don’t take it, because peace in not what they are about. They enjoy breaking things. They enjoy causing pain. They enjoy hurting people. They want to make you cry. They do more harm than they ever do good, and the only thing they ever bring about is giving all environmentalists a bad name. They are to environmentalists, what the Hell’s Angels are to bikers. Bikers in general are good people, but the Hells Angels go out beating people up and starting riots, so now when people think of bikers they think “Oh no! Here comes one of those gang banging thugs, they’ll kill us and rape us and burn down our homes, let’s chase them out of town, we have to kill them before they kill us.” That’s what the Monkey Wrenchers do to the rest of us. Most environmentalists are peaceful people who would never harm a living soul or anything else, but people hear environmentalist and they think, “They’ll throw buckets of blood on me, they’ll spike the trees and kill my dad, they’ll shoot the rangers windows out, they toss tear gas in my back seat as I drive by. Let’s get ‘em before they get us!”

Now that I have read Edward Abbey, (somewhat) I can see where the Monkey Wrenchers get their bigoted people hating ideas from. They are in it for the hate. They love to hate. They make a hobby out of hate. Hate is their God. And yet they are only doing what they were taught to do, by their Lord and Savior Edward Abbey, promoter of hate.

I know this is not what you wanted for a response paper. However, this IS in fact my response to this reading, regardless. A response paper was required, and this is my response. I know I could have forced my way through this reading, and I could have answered the questions asked, I could have faked liking the reading and just did the writing as requested to get a good grade, but that would have not been an honest response and me, well I’m about giving a deeply honest response. Most of the readings we have done this semester I greatly enjoyed. I particularly loved Muir, Thoreau, and Twain and will be reading more of their works in the future. I have read Twain before, so I already knew I liked his stuff. Muir and Thoreau were both new to me and I’m very glad you introduced them in this class. The other stuff did not interest me as much, it was okay, I didn’t dislike them, I just wasn’t as interested in them. I may or may not read more of their works in the future. Abbey, however, I simply do not like. I find him tasteless and tactless, rude and crude, and offensive to the senses.  An interesting person, who lived an interesting life, and who in the documentary doesn’t seem at all the crabby grouch he is in his book. Perhaps he is only bad tempered in his book? Perhaps he wrote this book in such a way as to TRY to come off as an offensive old hermit? The man in the documentary, seems the complete opposite of the man in the book, causing me to wonder how much of this book is fiction? In any case, if he wrote this book intending it to be offensive, then in that he has succeeded. I believe this book had great potential, and could have been a book I loved, had he taken a less “trying to stir up trouble” tone with it. I’m sorry this essay is not as assigned, but this is my personal response to this book, and I can’t change how I feel about it. My response it was it is.


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