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Once upon a time I had a "regular home" but a flood came and took it away. Me and my cats spent the next 3 years living under a 8x6 tarp and survived through 3 blizzards and Maine's coldest winter on record when the temps hit -48F. After that me and the cats moved in a Volvo. As hard as it is to live in a tent with 12 cats, it's even harder to live in a Volvo with 12 cats, and a motorhome named No Hurry was the answer. No Hurry: my home, my office, my RV.

I plan to use this blog to share my thoughts, ideas, adventures, and advice on being self-employed, living and working a full-time RV LifeStyle with an army of cats, while boondocking in the wonderful (and sometimes sub-zero) state of Maine.

I hope to write a post a day featuring random thoughts as they pop into my head, and hopefully 2 or 3 posts per week will focus on something helpful to those seeking to live in an RV full time. If you've any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on what sort of posts you'd like to see me write, please comment and let me know.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

EelKat's Thoughts on Land of Little Rain by Mary Austin

As with last semester, at the end of the Summer Semester 2012 @ SMCC, I am now putting my college essays online. This is one of several book/article reviews written for the Lit&Environment class:

Wendy C Allen
LITR 245 Literature & Environment
Prof. Robert Verttese
June 10, 2012

Land of Little Rain by Mary Austin

Did you like the writing style?

I found myself getting confused throughout the first three paragraphs. Her writing does not flow smoothly on topic into the next, but rather is just tossed on the page in a helter skelter scatter brained manner, indicative of someone who does not have a clear grasp of their thoughts and is just spewing them out as they pop into her head. The topic is good and informative, and all, but she jumps back and forth from one topic to the next. This reads more like a first draft that was used for tossing random ideas onto the page, and needs A LOT more editing, rearranging, and organizing before it should have gone to print. She really needed to stick with one topic, seeing as it was such a short piece. Had she been writing a novel or a book, then throwing out a hundred and one ideas on the first page would be okay, because you then have 200 pages to sort them out. She should have picked just one topic and stuck more closely to it, rather then changing topic every few sentences and not really focusing on anything at all.

Did the ideas appeal to you?

Yes, the do. I just wish she had sorted them out better and focused on only one. She went from describing town names, to describing landscapes, to describing plants, to talking about dead people and mummies, to talking about water, back to talking about landscapes focusing on mountain shapes, back to more plants...I mean, she was just all over the place! Very ADHD technique, indicating a hyper, possibly manic depressive writer, incapable of remaining steady or true or sticking to one thing. Her manic personality is screaming across the page and making it very difficult to understand WHICH idea she actually wants me to focus on. Is she talking about the plants? Is it the shapes of the hills I’m suppose to pay attention to? Does she want me to focus on the water and how to find it? Or is she talking about how the Indians glue on arrowheads and other uses they have of plants? Are we focusing on the Indians who live in desolate regions? Lizards? Birds? Gold? Silver? Eggs? Donkeys? Or is it the dead bodies she wants me to tune into? Which is it? She gives us a paragraph of each, then leaves us hanging as she abandons one idea to rush into the next. She’s just throwing in way too much, way too fast, in a piece not big enough to contain any of it logically. These ideas appeal to me, yes, but there are too many ideas to focus on here, in too short a space. She needed to write a separate essay for each one. It would have been much better had she chosen just one idea and fleshed it out. She needed to hack out a bunch of stuff and just focus on one or two things, expanding them into greater detail.

What SPECIFICALLY did you like/dislike?

Well, as I’ve already stated, I deeply dislike how she’s dancing around, giving too many topics and not giving enough info about any of them. Boy is this woman hyper! I mean, it’s almost like she was writing a poem, because they are not even full sentences she’s using and the ideas are all over the place. I’ve never been one to connect with poetry well. There are a few I like, but for the most part, poems and their utterly nonsensical manner of rambling aimlessly are lost on me, and that’s how this piece felt to me. However, I do like how in each, she details things out. The problem is, she starts telling you about the birds, or the hills, or the yucca, and then just as you start getting interested, she says to hell with those, I’m bored writing any more about that, let’s run over here and write about this instead, now. Could she just stick with one thing, and I don’t know, finish a complete thought for once? I mean detailing what a bird or a hill or a plant looks like is all well and good, but to just through those details in all willy nilly for nor reason at all, just does not make sence to me. I really think she should have fleshed this thing out to at least 30 or 40 pages, in order to get her main point across, because the way she rambles on, 3 pages just ain’t cutting it.

A quote or two you liked and why you liked them:

I am finding it difficult to find a quote I liked, as I really did not like this piece that much. It was okay, but just really nothing was clicking with me at all. I felt confused and in over my head while I was reading it. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe I’ll reread this later and see it differently?  

There was one line I did like:

“The rainbow hills, the tender bluish mists, the luminous radiance of the spring, have the lotus charm.”

It’s a weird sentence, that, like every other sentence in this piece, is just thrown in there for no reason at all. It doesn’t connect to anything else she wrote, so no idea why she threw it in. It’s one of those parts that sounds like a poem, possible because it’s also one of the many incomplete fragmented sentences she throws in here?

She’s good at descriptions, I’ll give her that. This is one of those times. Rainbow hills. Blue mists. Very colorful and allows the reader to actually see what it is she is seeing. I think this piece would have been better had she fleshed out this one line and turned it into a full fledged part of the story.

How does this reading connect to another idea, reading, film, etc. and explain the connection.

I can’t really connect it to anything. I felt like she was running by while saying “This is my desert and I love it, but we don’t have time to stop and learn anything so we’ll run through it real fast, this is where the mummies and they died because, oh look there’s a bird, ain’t he pretty let me tell you about the way he, oh never mind I think I’ll tell you about this yucca plant over there and how it reacts to, no wait I should tell you about the natives making arrowheads and how they, whoops, no time for that now, I guess I’ll just take you back home, but heck I really love my desert, don’t you?” There’s just too much going on, in too small a place, for me to wrap my brain around what she’s even talking about. I feel like if she was in a movie she’d be acted out by Johnny Depp, and running around screaming stuff like “I love my desert, where’s my rum!”

What examples does she give of the way humans shape themselves to the desert?

I’m confused. Does she ever say? Maybe she did and I missed it, lost beneath the few dozen other things she said in only 3 pages? I admit I just found this story hard to read and confusing, because it has no focus. Perhaps if I was to go back and read it a few more times, maybe make a chart and list out each thing she’s talking about, perhaps I could better see the connection and understand better how she is saying people shape themselves to the desert? I don’t know. I just found this piece too unfocused and rambling and it left me feeling very confused and asking: “What’s the point? What the heck is this woman trying to say to me?”

What makes her prefer the desert over other places?

I’m not sure that I really see anywhere that she says she does. I mean, it is clear that she likes it, other wise why babble on, like a giddy school girl, telling nothing about everything all at once? Her fast hectic style, does indicate that she is utterly infatuated with the desert, but why is she drowning in gushing happiness over love of desert? I’ve not a clue. Sorry. It seems to me that she is lost in a blur of romanticism about the desert. I believe she finds it beautiful and is utterly awe struck by it. Clearly she is passionately in love with this place, but I think she should have hired a ghostwriter to express that love for her. She mentions clean air and God at one point, and how there is no clean air outside of the desert, almost as though the reason she loved it is because she hates smog? I don’t know. The whole thing just confused me, she is so unfocused.

How does she make the reader hear and see what she does?

By telling you a little bit of everything as fast as she can, in the hopes that if she throws enough things at me as fast as possible maybe a few of them will stick? I’m sure that was not her intention, but that’s the way I see it. I wanted to like this piece, but, her writing style was just so manic, it was really hard for me to read, she seems almost schizophrenic.


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