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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Do Gay Penguins Make Moms Angry? (Reaction Paper for SMCC Psychology class)


Why Do Gay Penguins Make Moms Angry?

Wendy C. Allen
Southern Maine Community College
Psychology 100-08
Professor Andy Parker
April 11, 2012

A Reaction To: King, Laura A. (2010). Section 4: Sexual Orientation. Chapter 11: Gender, sex, and sexuality. The Science of psychology: an appreciative view, 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill. pp. 362-369

Why Do Gay Penguins Make Moms Angry?

I was intrigued to learn, last week, that the most banned book in history was a children’s picture book about penguins. The book was And Tango Makes Three, by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson. The story tells of Roy and Silo, two chinstrap penguins of the New York Central Park Zoo, who hatched an abandoned egg, then raised the chick, whom zookeepers named Tango.  It is a warm loving story, which when I read it, I saw as a story of adoption. The book is based on a true story, Roy and Silo are real penguins, they really did adopt an abandoned egg, which really did hatch into a chick named Tango. It is a beautiful story, and I remained quite puzzled, how exactly did this book become the most banned book in history? I asked my brother, if he could see what the problem was, because clearly I wasn’t seeing it, and he pointed out, something I had overlooked: “The penguins are gay.”

Upon researching how the book got banned, I discovered, my brother was right, the penguins are perceived by many readers as being gay. I soon found news reports and article upon article decrying the removal of this book from libraries across the country. Mothers carrying anti-gay signs and marching in school yards, not requesting, but demanding an all out ban of a 32 page picture book about two kindly penguins who saved the life of an orphan.

I feel that these people are rigid, almost childish, when it comes to entitlement. Entitlement could perhaps be restated as arrogance, or even a self righteous “holier than thou” attitude towards others. One of the mothers who is actively protesting and petitioning this book to be banned, is Beth Bubser, of Dunkirk, IL, who says: "It is a great book for a certain family, but not for my family and a lot of families I know, I believe in everyone's rights. I believe in freedom of speech, but this is not right for my family."  Bubser complained saying there was no warning on the book that it is about same-sex parents. Bubser said she chose the book from a library to read to her 7 year old daughter and had not realized the book was about same-sex parents until having read well into it. She claims the book should be removed from the children's section and shelved in a restricted “parents only” location clearly labeled  as “alternative or nontraditional family”. (Johnson & Goodman. October 2008).

I read this article and I had to ask myself: Why? Why shelve books about non-traditional families in a restricted area? If we allow this, what is next? Will we then say non-traditional families must also be restricted? Separate public bathrooms? Separate communities? Will gay parents soon be forced off their land and told they must live on reservations? Will children of gay parents be forced to attend segregated schools? And what classifies as “non traditional”? Who will she and mothers like her target next? Single moms? Nonbiological parents of children adopted from China? Older siblings raising younger siblings? Divorced moms? Remarried couples? These are all non traditional families. Where does it end? If you attack one nontraditional family, you attack them all, gay or otherwise. She says she is for everyone’s rights, but is she? How is hiding alternative families in a restricted section, supporting their rights? I would like to hear her explain this one to me.

What about another mother, Cindy Dacus, who said: “Parents who want their children to have the book can buy it at a book store or find it at a library.” (WCFCourier. 2008) Did she look at what she said? “...or find it at the library.” This woman is upset because her child found this book at the library, thus why she is now petitioning to remove the book from its shelves, and then she says this? I’m confused. Did she even listen to what she said? She wants the book off the shelves of her local library, then states that if parents want the book they can get it at the library? How? If she succeeds in getting the book banned from her local library, how does she rationalize that parents will be able to check out the book at the library? Does she expect them to drive to another town? Is she saying it is alright for other libraries to carry the offending book, so long as the library in her town does not carry it? Why does she feel entitled to this special treatment? What happens when she moves to a new town? Will she do this to each library she comes across?

Nowhere does the book say the penguins are gay. Homosexuality is not mentioned or even implied in the book. In fact, if these women knew anything about penguins, they would know that it is always the male who hatches the eggs, and for two males to take turns sitting on the eggs so that it never gets cold, is not unusual at all, in fact as many as 5 or 6 males may take turns sitting on the eggs. This activity is not unusual in the bird kingdom. Ostriches, doves, pigeons, even roosters spend a great deal of time sitting on eggs to hatch them. It is the way of the bird kingdom for males to help the females hatch the eggs. I think that these woman are reading way too much into this story.

I agree with Bengu Tekinalp, a Drake University professor who said:"When my child sees the book on restricted shelves, the message is it's not OK to be different, it's not OK to be unique, so I can go ahead and harass those kids who are different - that's the message we are giving to our children." (WCFCourier. 2008)

It seems to me that these women has an overblown sense of entitlement. They feel they are better than others. Feel they have the right to bully anyone they see to be “lesser beings” not human enough to be treated with dignity. They are homophobic. They hate gay men. They live in fear. They fear people they do not understand. And now they are going out of their way to grasp at straws in search of new ways to spread their fears and make their agenda known, by attacking gay penguins who never did them any harm, penguins who were not influenced to be gay by upbringing or media, penguins who are gay, because they were born that way. They are frustrated because their arrogance has no effect on these innocent birds. They feel they are losing ground because they can not assert control over nature, so they do the next best thing: they attack the librarys who carry the book.

My conclusion is to ask: what are these women really afraid of? And what makes them feel that they are so much better then someone else? Why are they entitled to rights which they do not afford to others?


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