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Anyways, I was born, raised, and live in Maine, I have 12 cats, and some people would call me homeless. Nope, I have a home, I just don't have what people call a standard house. My house has wheels and her name is Rosebud. My backyard stretches on for thousands and thousands of miles all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Once upon a time I had a "regular home" but a flood came and took it away. Me and my cats spent the next 3 years living under a 8x6 tarp and survived through 3 blizzards and Maine's coldest winter on record when the temps hit -48F. After that me and the cats moved in a Volvo. As hard as it is to live in a tent with 12 cats, it's even harder to live in a Volvo with 12 cats, and a motorhome named No Hurry was the answer. No Hurry: my home, my office, my RV.

I plan to use this blog to share my thoughts, ideas, adventures, and advice on being self-employed, living and working a full-time RV LifeStyle with an army of cats, while boondocking in the wonderful (and sometimes sub-zero) state of Maine.

I hope to write a post a day featuring random thoughts as they pop into my head, and hopefully 2 or 3 posts per week will focus on something helpful to those seeking to live in an RV full time. If you've any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on what sort of posts you'd like to see me write, please comment and let me know.

I hope you all have as much fun reading this blog as I know I'll have writing it.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meditation & Affirmation Services: What they are and how they began...

Last night on FaceBook, (March 16, 2011) one of my online friends put out a desperate plea for help. Her friend had been drepressed for quite some time and had been talking about ending her life. No one had taken her friend seriously. No one cared. No one listened. Her cries for help went ignored. Last night my friend's friend tried to kill herself. Not knowing where to turn my friend went to FaceBook seeking help.

This event got me to thinking, when I too had been drepressed, and had gone byound depression into the depths of utter dispair. I could find no reason to live. Things in my life had gone from bad to worse to impossible. Every one I knew personally had died, so I had no one to turn to. The hate crimes and vandalisms had reached mind boggling levels. I knew that no one locally cared, because they were standing on my lawn with picket signs telling me they did not care, telling me they wanted me dead, not only that, but telling me that God wanted me dead too.

It is a horrible place to be, to feel unwanted, alone, and hated...to feel no hope, nothing to look forward to, no reason to meet tomorrow. I know this, because I was there, and I spoke of this to my friend and she asked me: "What did you do? How did you get out of this? What can I do to help my friend?"

My answer to her, also explains how the meditation circle got added to the garden and was this:

I know from being there, that it is the help of friends that helps me get over the bad days...unfortunatly I have no friends other than my online friends, which is part of the problem, and results in my being online way more than I should be, because I've no one else to talk to. Sending many {{{{hugs}}} for your friend. I know how she feels and I know it is a horrible place to be and a very hard place to get out of once you get there, the sadness just becomes so overwhelming that you can no longer see anything else. It's horrible and I don't ever want to feel that way again, and I wish more than anything I could send warm loving hugs out to every one who feels that way, so they too would never feel that way again either.

I was in a very dark place less than a year ago, and I had friends here on FB, who like you, cared enough to try to help. Keep caring, keep worrying, keep praying, and please keep talking to your friend, let her know how much you care. She needs you now, she'll need you tomorrow, she'll need you to help her get through the dark days, until they are far behind her and no longer haunting her life.

Something one of my FB friends did, which helped me greatly, and may help your friend too, was daily positive affirmations. I thought they were silly at first, but she kept at them, and I kept seeing them flash across my newsfeed here, and they started sticking in my mind, and after a while I found myself saying them over and over. It got to the point that when those really bad days of being lost in the depths of despair came to haunt me, I would find myself saying the affirmations and the dark times no longer felt so overpowering.

Here is an example of one of the affirmations:

God sees me as a beautiful child of life. 
God sees me as a beautiful soul. 
God sees me as a divine light for the world to see. 
God sees me as a purposeful and powerful person. 
God sees me as a strong and courageous person. 
God sees me as an intelligent person. 
God sees me as love in motion. 
God sees love. 
God sees good. 
God sees joy. 
God sees peace. 
Today I see myself as God sees me. 
("God Sees Me" by Iyanla Vanzant)

Than last summer I started doing something else. I started writing "letters to the Universe", and this I think has helped me most of all.

I started doing that (writing letters to the Universe) a while back. Some one had mentioned it to me. I'm not sure exactly what they were doing or what they meant by it, but at the time (last summer) I was reading a book on positive affirmations, (trying to learn more about them and how they worked, because they were helping me feel less depressed and I wanted to get rid of the depression completely) and it said in it, to take an affirmation, every morning, and write it down 15 times, so that your mind would remember it through out the day.

Well, I took both things and went: "What if I could change my life by writing positive affirmation letters to the universe?"

I took a sheet of lined paper and wrote done all of my goals in life. Every thing from tiny things like smiling more to average things like improving my living conditions and getting a better job to big things like ending poverty and hunger world wide. I just wrote down everything regardless of it was possible to achieve or not.

I also wrote down hopes, dreams, worries, anger, fears I want to overcome, things I want to change...ect. Basically I just got everything off my chest all at once...vented rage, vented sorrow, really went all out about everything that was bothering me and why it was bothering me and how I just wanted it out of my life so that I could learn to be a happy person again and not be burdened down by thoughts of death any more. I ended up writing a letter about 40 or 50 pages long! LOL!

Next I took the letter and buried it in the swamp. (I live in a wet rainy swamp infested region) (And burying letters to God/angels/ghosts is a somewhat local folklore custom - the earth absorbs the writing to make it come to pass while the water spreads the wish to other parts of the earth to gain more power - In the winter such letters are burned so they reach heaven in the smoke.) (Burying it in the sand on a beach or dropping it off the bridge into a river, are other ways too. Doesn't matter how you give it, you just give the letter to the universe, so that you never have to see it or worry about it again, and you ritually are taking your burdens and casting them out of your life).

Anyways...my next step was to every day since than, take a sheet of paper and write something like this:

"I believe without a doubt that I will have every thing I want and need from life. I am the silver violent flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I am happy and have a wonderful life to look forward to. I am the silver violent flame."

"I believe without a doubt that I will be guided to the right situation at the right time. I am the silver violet flame."

"I believe without a doubt that every day in every way I am getting better and better. Life if good. I am the silver violent flame."

"I have everything I need to achieve my goals. I am the silver violet flame."

"I accept that my prayers have already been answered. I believe that everything will work out for the best. I am the silver violet flame."

("I am the silver violet flame" is my personal mantra. I say it after affirmations to help me remember the words, and visualize myself surrounded by a cool gentle relaxing lilac colored mist, enveloped with the sweet intoxicating scent of fresh lilac blossoms, which works wonders at stress relief as well. I guess you could call it a form of self-hypnosis or meditation or something. Now every time I start stressing out and freaking out, I sit down, close my eyes and start saying over and over again: "I am the silver violet flame" and it relaxes me and helps prevent me from sinking back into these horrible dark places, where depression used to take me. )

Anyways, I will pick one of those phrases or one like it, and I will write it over and over again, until I fill up the whole page, than I'll fold it up and keep it in my pocket all day, so I can read it through out the day. At the end of the day I bury it in the ground as well.

Next morning I start over with a new phrase.

During the day, if I get upset (which I do often, complete with over blown panic attacks, because of severe depression, suicidal tendencies, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, all of which which I am trying to overcome) I will write a letter to myself which starts out:

"I can relax, everything is okay. I can let go of worries. I can let go of fears. I give them to the Universe. I remove them from my life. I don't need them. I don't want them....". 
..followed by another list of "silver violet flame affirmations".

So, I've been doing this for about 6 or 7 months now. I think I started it in August. Around than. Now whether or not the Universe is doing anything to help me out, I don't know, but I do know that doing this has reduced my stress levels and put my panic attacks on the back burner and thoughts of suicide have nearly disappeared. I am in a much better place (spiritually, mentally and emotionally) than I was a year ago. I am much more relaxed and can think things out more clearly as a result. I've also been able to get past several phobias that were holding me back - like I started driving a car in September - phobia of driving was limiting me big time in all areas of my life, because lack of mobility was making it hard for me to achieve my goals or make friends off-line.

Writing these "letters to the Universe" each day, is helping me, I think, because it's like I'm taking a huge burden off my mind and literally tossing it into the swamp, literally throwing it out of my life, so the Universe can worry about it for me, I'm not going to worry about it any more, I don't have to worry about it any more, and I am now free to get on with my life. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, because I'm no longer doing it alone, I've got the Universe (which in my mind I see it as thousands of spirit beings/angels all around me, helping me out "behind the scenes") to worry about the big stuff for me so I don't have to think about it any more, and it puts my mind at ease so I can work on the things I need to do.

If you know some one who is depressed or suicidal, share with them this message, make an effort to spend more time with them, take them out to eat, take them hiking, take them bowling, take them dancing, get them active in social activities again...often it is feeling left out of the gang that starts the depression to begin with and often, just including them in your daily life is all that is needed to help them out.
And try the affirmations and writing letters to God, Jesus, angels, the Universe, whatever...writing is theaputic in and of itself, and writing to take a load off your mind is even better. You don't have to have a meditation garden or attend affirmation services to do this. You can do it right in your own home. And you don't have to be depressed to use affirmations to improve your life, either, any one can use them. In fact, leet's try some thing right here, right now, and see if it doesn't boost your spirits and make you feel better about yourself: 
Think about these things, write them down, than say them: 
You are so much more than you can see.
You are so much more than you think you are.
You are so much more than you have heard about yourself. 
Now say it out loud: 
I am so much more than I can see.I am so much more than I think I am.I am so much more than I have heard about myself. 
I am so much more than I can see. I am glad I am me!I am so much more than I think I am. I am glad I am me!I am so much more than I have heard about myself. I am glad I am me! 
One more time: 
I am so much more than I can see. It is good being me!I am so much more than I think I am. It is good being me!I am so much more than I have heard about myself. It is good being me! 
See? What did I tell you? Now aren't you feeling much better? Remember: 
You really do matter!You really are important!You really are beautiful!You really are powerful!No matter what it is you need to do, you can do it! 
You have thought it, now say it: 
I really do matter!I really are important!I really are beautiful!I really are powerful!No matter what it is I need to do, I can do it! 
I really are important! It is good being me!I really are beautiful! It is great being me!I really are powerful! It is wonderful being me!No matter what it is I need to do, I can do it! 
Now one more time, with a twist: fill in the blank... 
I really do matter, because __________! I am glad I am me!I really are important, because __________!  It is good being me!I really are beautiful, because __________!  It is great being me!I really are powerful, because __________!  It is wonderful being me!No matter what it is I need to do, I can do it! I am the silver violet flame! 
Praise the Lord! Hallaluha! I leave these thoughts with you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

I really do matter! I am glad I am me!
I can choose who I am.
I can choose how I feel.
I can choose my emotions.
I am in control of my mind and body, they do not control me.
I choose to be WHOLE.
I choose to be JOYFUL.
I choose to be PEACEFUL.
I choose to be LOVING.
I choose to be HAPPY
I choose JOY.
I choose PEACE.
I choose LOVE.
I choose BEAUTY.
I choose WISDOM.
I choose HARMONY.

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